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Original designs and fully restored masterpieces of late 19th and early 20th century fretwork design, with the highest quality of modern graphics techniques

scroll saw fretwork locomotive train


214 - Brougham carriage

215 - Italian dressing table mirror

218 - Palace candelabra

Also new: 204 - 218 in the page of scroll saw fretwork patterns for sale.

XIX century woman scrollsawing

About me

Pedro finescrollsaw

My name is Pedro. I live in Seville, Spain. In this web site I will show you my scroll saw fretwork. I learnt scroll saw in the school quite a few years ago and it became a hobby. When I became an adult and entered the University all my efforts had to be put into more important things so I stopped scrolling. I have recovered this nice hobby recently. I bought a Hegner scroll saw (which is excellent and I would recommend it to anybody), and combining scroll saw with my interest in computers, I have started making my own fretwork patterns. Unfortunately my job doesn't let me much free time, but even so I do things little by little. The precision of the computer lets me design really beautiful and attractive patterns. I will be happy to receive feedback at

This is the type of comment I often receive, it makes me happy to know you enjoy my work: Hello Pedro, received the patterns today (7/3) all in good order. They look great. Clear, precise, easy to read instructions, professionally done. I can't wait to commence working on them. Please feel free to quote my comments if you wish. Many thanks, W.M. (Australia)

XIX century man scrollsawing

Patterns for sale

In this section you can see the whole collection of patterns we have for sale. They are all fully restored line by line using the most advanced techniques in graphic design.

finescrollsaw scroll saw patterns

Free patterns

In this section you can download free patterns in pdf format. I offer them as they are, scanned from the originals, with possible small defects and inaccuracies. They do not have the quality of the patterns for sale, but they are good to learn and practice.

finescrollsaw scroll saw free patterns

Review of a Hegner scroll saw

In this section we review of the best scroll saws available and show how it works and how it is used.

finescrollsaw scroll saw free patterns

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